Ultimate Guide | The Ultimate Java Programming Guide 2022


What you’ll learn

  • Correctly using & understanding Java Programming language.
  • Properly downloading & installing every tool required for Java Programming.
  • Writing their own custom amazing high-quality projects using Java Programming.
  • Implementing & understanding Java Classes, Java Packages & more Java-related stuff.
  • Properly using Object-Oriented-Programming language.
  • Using different kinds of Java addons & other packages for expanding their own Java Projects.
  • Adding & using dependencies with Maven.
  • Using various Java Frameworks.
  • Properly using File & Database for supporting Projects inside Java.
  • Properly using JavaFX for GUI’s & even more.

Course content

23 sections • 139 lectures • 14h 31m total length

  • Getting Started
  • Course Usage
  • Development Environment Setup
  • Getting Started
  • Complete Basics of Java
  • Conditional Statements & Loops in Java
  • Input & Output using Scanner
  • Methods in Java
  • Arrays & Lists in Java
  • Using Maven on Java Projects
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Enums in Java
  • Exceptions in Java (Errors)
  • Threads in Java
  • Files in Java using Java.IO
  • Streams in Java
  • Databases in Java (SQLite & MySQL)
  • Excel & Java
  • Publishing, Using, Exporting … your Project
  • JavaFX Environment Setup
  • JavaFX Introduction
  • JavaFX – Calculator
  • Conclusion


  • Students should be able to install programs & software on their computers.
  • Students should have an internet connection & a working computer.
  • Students should motivation in learning Java Programming.


In this course, I will educate you on writing your own custom-made high-quality software programs & even more with  Java.

It will assist you in using & understanding every common & high pro-level feature of Java programming. It will enable you to get your dream job at a company or write your own custom programs & software with the added help of Java. This course is overall designed in such a way that it helps you efficiently understand, learn and practice java language through a series of interactive courses with added exercises to help you keep up with the course.

Who this course is for:

  • People who wanted to completely educate or revise their Java Programming knowledge.
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